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You can also use the “CD size” file and the “vinyl size” file (offered in high resolution) if you decide to print. 

(Please note: if you want to print, you must take care of the rest of the packaging. We only provide the image of the front cover.)



* Downloading your cover files

After checking out, the download links for all the files of your artwork will appear. Click and download. When download is complete, your files might be saved to your desktop, a specific downloads folder, or the last location you saved a file to, depending on your browser and your preferences. All files open with any program that supports images.

A watermark is added on all covers you see on our website, to protect them from theft. The files you download are free of watermarks.





Music-Artwork products

Beautiful Artwork

Beautifully designed artwork made by our professional designers for your music.

€ 70

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Great Artwork

Great looking artwork made with special care by our professional designers.

€ 100

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Exceptional Artwork

Εxceptional and extremely interesting artwork created with an idea behind every design.

€ 150

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Excellent Artwork

Excellent artwork. Our favourite pieces of art!

€ 200

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*Prices may change without prior notice.

There are also some Special Artwork Products that might have a different price than the ones mentioned above.


In addition, we can design for you the following:

A cover with your portrait
Spotify moving visuals
A cover based on a keyword you send to us




The team of

Our team consists of professional designers, illustrators and painters, but we also collaborate with musicians and music producers!

We do not just make artwork. We make incredibly interesting and attractive music artwork, because we also know about music making.

We are inspired by life, and art of all kinds.




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