When you download a file on, you’re buying a standard licence that allows you to use the file for any personal, business or commercial purposes that are not otherwise restricted by the licence.

Apart from your music cover (album or single), you can use your files in (related to your music) advertising, marketing, apps, websites, social media, TV and films, presentations, newspapers, magazines and books, product packaging, etc, as long as all these are a part of your music promotion.

You are allowed to print copies of your cover as many times as you like (as long as all these are a part of your music production/promotion).

You are allowed to use the designs to create (and sell) memorabilia for your music (T-shirts, mugs, hats etc).

You are allowed to make alterations (change colours, add text, etc) on your image and then use it, but only in one music project. You are not allowed to make alterations on a cover you have already used, in order to produce a new cover and use it in a new project.

Once you have purchased a cover, you can use the files for as long as you wish anywhere in the world. There is no time or geographic limitation associated with the usage of a Music-Artwork cover.

Pornographic, defamatory or otherwise unlawful use of our images is strictly prohibited.

You are not allowed to resell nor gift the images you buy from to anyone else.

Upon reasonable notice, may inspect any records, accounts and prints relating to the reproduction of any of the covers to ensure that the images are being used in accordance with this agreement.

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