Need artist name & title on your own artwork? We can do it for you! Click here to see how.

Downloading your cover files

After checking out, the download links for all the files of your artwork will appear. Click and download them.

When download is complete, your files might be saved to your desktop, a specific downloads folder, or the last location you saved a file to, depending on your browser and your preferences. All files open with any program that supports images.

A watermark is added on all covers you see on our website, to protect them from theft. The files you buy are free of watermarks.

Click here and read about the licence of purchased artwork.


Your files and their usage

When your download is complete, you will own 5 images of your cover, in JPG format:

A) 3000×3000 px or 4000×4000* file

perfect and ready for all digital music distribution platforms (distrokid, cd baby, soundcloud, tunecore, etc.)

In order for the distribution platforms and stores to accept your artwork, it needs to meet several technical criteria.
It must be in JPG (or GIF) format, perfect square, at least 1600×1600 pixels in size, in RGB Color Mode (this includes black and white images), and for best results you need a resolution of 300 dpi.

Your download contains a 3000×3000 or 4000×4000 pixel jpg / RGB image of 300 dpi.
If your download includes a 4000X4000 file and you are asked for a 3000X3000 image, please feel free to ask us to send you a new file (for free).

*Downloads with 4000×4000 pixel jpgs do not contain a vinyl size file. The 4000×4000 file is plenty for printing a 12-inch vinyl cover.

You are ready for distribution!

B) 500×500 px file

suitable for your digital communication (social media, e-mail, newsletters, etc.)

Use your 500×500 pixel jpg image to promote your release on social media, websites, newsletters, e-mails etc.
Use this image also as a social media profile image (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Your download contains a 500×500 pixel jpg / RGB image of low resolution.

C) vinyl cover size file

32×32 cm (12×12 inch) & 300 dpi suitable for printing the cover of your physical vinyl disc

If you want to make vinyl discs, use this 32×32 cm file, made to match the dimensions of vinyls (printable quality – 300 ppi).

Your download contains a 32×32 cm (12×12 inch) file, suitable for printing the cover of your physical vinyl disc.*

D) Facebook cover file

horizontal image, suitable for the top cover of your Facebook page/profile or your Spotify profile.

Use this image as the cover of your Facebook page.
Your download contains a 940×350 jpg / RGB image of low resolution.**

With just 30 € extra we add artist name and title on your artwork.
Click here to find out how.

Click here to read why text on an album cover is not always necessary.


* If you want to make physical discs, you need to design the rest of the artwork. We only provide the image of the cover in high/printable quality.

// EXTRAS //

Adding text on the cover

Our designers love adding artist name and title on an artwork!

Parental Advisory Explicit Content logo

With some extra charge we can add on your files the “Parental Advisory Explicit Content” logo.

album art with explicit logo

The cost of adding the Parental Advisory Explicit Content logo (on all the files of your artwork) is 15 €.

Spotify Canvas Moving Visual

We can design for you a short moving visual (2D graphic/duration: 3-8 seconds) which you can add to your tracks on Spotify based on your artwork, or any other image!

The cost of the Standard Spotify Canvas Video is 50 €.
The cost of the Premium Spotify Canvas Video is 120 €.

The video contains no text.

YouTube video cover

We can create for you a static, horizontal youtube video cover, which you can use to create the video for your tracks:

Artwork / Youtube Video cover

If you want artwork & youtube cover without titles on, just check the “Youtube video cover” box next to the artwork you wish to buy.

If you want artist name & title on this artwork you must check the boxes:
Add Text on the cover
Youtube video cover
next to the cover of your choice.

(If you choose the add text option, firstly we will design for you your cover with artist name and title:
Our team will design 2-3 different proposals [different fonts, styles, colours] with your text and send to you by e-mail within 2 working days.)
(click here for more about adding text)

You will get your YouTube video cover within 2 working days after purchase or, if you want artist name and title on, after choosing the final cover.

The cost of the YouTube video cover is 20€. The cost of adding text is 30€.
Total: 50€.

Make an awesome

Stage show poster

Explore our Galleries, get a unique artwork and make an attractive poster for any kind of stage show.

Make a cool

Book cover

Explore our Galleries and get a cool artwork for your book cover.

Or choose your artwork and ask us to design your book cover!
Read more here.

**Please note that sometimes dimensions and proportions are hard to match, so for this file our designers carefully select the most interesting part of the artwork.

IMPORTANT: Please test before you print!
Our covers are carefully made and taken care of, in order to offer you a great quality product. But, if you intend to print the artwork, we recommend that you print a test copy first. We take no responsibility for bad printing results. Please bear in mind that the quality of prints depends a lot on the printer factory and its equipment, the kind of paper etc.

If you decide to print your cover in a large format (on banners, posters etc.), we suggest using the Vinyl size file.


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