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Adding text and/or logo


With some extra charge (just 30 €) we will send you 3 different proposals with the artwork you have chosen (all the STANDARD files) with your name (and/or logo) and title on.

Text is NOT added automatically on your files.
Real People design carefully the artworks and add the text, so we need some more time to do it for you. That means that when you check out and download your files, you will see no text.

Our team will design 3 different proposals (different fonts, styles, colours) with your text and send to you by e-mail all the artwork files within 2 working days.



A. Check the box “Add text on the cover” next to the artwork image you will buy.

This form will appear:


B. Fill in the form with artist name & album name (and attach a logo* if you have one).

Keep the text as minimal as possible and make sure you send us 100% correct names and titles, because we just copy and paste and it is hard for us to make changes.


C. Click the “I want it” button  to proceed to checkout






Please read very carefully the following:

1. Our team will design for you 2-3 different proposals with your text and send to you all the artwork files within 2 working days. You are free to use the one you prefer!

2 . We can use only latin fonts.

3 . About lowercase and capital letters: send us the text with capital or lowercase letters and we shall copy and paste. However you send to us the text in capitals and lowercase is how it will look.

4 . *If you have a logo that you want us to add on your cover please send us a vector file. If this is not possible, send us a high resolution image file. We take no responsibility for bad results if your logo is of a poor quality. Please do not attach a photo (of you, or something else) as a logo. A photo is not a logo and we cannot add it on the artwork.

5 . If you want to include (a) featuring artist(s), use the words “with” or “featuring” in the “artist name” field in the Add Text Form.

6 . We usually choose the text colour depending on what will work and look best on your cover. 

7 . We are designers, we are not mind readers!


The cost of adding artist name and title on your artwork is just 30 €!



We can also design for you a Spotify Canvas moving visual.
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