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Adding text on the cover

With some extra charge we can send you via e-mail the artwork you buy (all the files) with your name (or logo) and album/single title on.

If you choose this option, please keep the text as minimal as possible and make sure you send us 100% correct names and titles, because we just copy and paste and we are not able to make changes.


If you choose to add text, please read very carefully the following:

1 . We use only very simple and easy to read fonts (see examples below).

2 . We place the text where we believe it is best, in order not to harm the design of the artwork.

3 . We send you only one cover proposal, and that’s it!

4 . We are not able to make changes after you receive your files with the text on.

5 . We can use only LATIN ALPHABET FONTS.

6 . If you have a logo that you want us to add on your cover, for best results please send us a vector file. If this is not possible, you can sen us a high resolution image file (on transparent or solid colour background). We take no responsibility for bad results if your logo is of a poor quality.

7 . If you want to include (a) featuring artist(s), you can use the words “with” or “featuring” in the “artist name” field in the Add Text Form.

8 . We use larger fonts for the name of the artist and smaller fonts for the title (see examples below).

9 . You will receive your files with your text on via e-mail, within 3 working days.

10 . You can choose to use lowercase or capital letters (send us the text with capital or lowercase letters and we shall copy and paste it).

11 . You have the option to choose and ask us to use large fonts or small fonts.


Below you can see examples of these options:


The cost of adding text on your artwork is 30 €.


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