Artwork can communicate information, make a social statement and be enjoyed for aesthetic beauty. Here are 6 reasons why making your album cover on your own (if you are not a visual artist) is not good for your music.


  1. You probably know very little (or nothing) about drawing and typography. So, even if you like what you just made, there is a large possibility that this result will not help your music.

  2. You probably know very little (or nothing) about how colour affects an artwork. Colour plays a major role in a piece of art and is a very important way to create meaning.

  3. It is hard to transfer your thoughts to an artwork.

  4. In order your artwork to be suitable for distributing platforms (or printing) it should match some criteria. If you make mistakes, the distributing procedure will be delayed and you might also have to make the cover again, from scratch.

  5. Nowadays it is very easy to get a professional artwork for your release. Famous musicians and bands have their artwork designed by visual artists. This is happening since 1938, when Columbia Records hired Alex Steinweiss as its first art director.

  6. Do not waste time and energy doing this job. Let this be done by someone else, and try to do your best on making your music sound great!


Browse our artworks and find the one that suits your music. It is so easy now! And even if you don’ t find a cover that represents your release, ask us to design it for you by giving us a keyword.