Artwork can communicate information, make a social statement and be enjoyed for aesthetic beauty. Here are 5 reasons why making your album cover on your own (if you are not a visual artist) is not good for your music.


1) You likely have limited knowledge (or none at all) about drawing and typography. So, even if you’re pleased with your current creation, there’s a significant chance that it may not effectively complement your music.

2) Understanding how color influences artwork might not be within your expertise. Color holds substantial importance in art, serving as a crucial means of conveying meaning.

3) Translating your ideas into artwork can be challenging. To ensure your artwork aligns with distribution platforms (or printing), it needs to meet specific criteria. Errors in this process can lead to delays and possibly require starting the cover anew.

4) Obtaining professional artwork for your release is now more accessible than ever. Renowned musicians and bands have long enlisted visual artists for their artwork, a practice dating back to 1938 when Columbia Records hired Alex Steinweiss as its first art director.

5) Save yourself time and energy; delegate this task to someone else. Focus your efforts on making your music sound exceptional!

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