If you need to produce a small amount of discs of your album, you can do it on your own, at home. It is quite easy to make some copies of a simple jewel case cd package, using an A4 printer. 

One A4 page makes 1 cd. Find the A4 template below.

You need:
1. jewelcase plastic boxes
2. A4 printer
3. A4 papers.

You can try using different kinds of papers and paper weights. For better printing results choose white paper.

If your artwork is Black and White, your cd will be cheaper to print. 
Check out our Black and White covers, which are really great looking.

How to do it:

Download the A4 template we have created for you: psd file with layers.*


Open the file with Photoshop, Gimp (free app) or any other app that works with layered image files. This is how it looks like:

On the top square you will have to place your cover art.
The bottom rectangle will make the back of the case.

*(Here is the same file in pdf.)

Import your album cover inside this document.
Place the cover artwork layer under layer 2 of the psd file, and make sure it fits well inside the top 12X12 square box.

If this is your cover art:

This is how it must look like inside the 12X12 cm square:

Front cover artwork image / Size: 12 x 12 cm

Now you must make the back of the case, inside the bottom rectangle:

You can create the BACK of the case inside this template. Use the Type tool and type inside the BACK template the names of the tracks. We suggest using simple fonts, that are easy to read. Add also 2 vertical titles on the 2 spines.

Inlay artwork / Size: 11,7 x 15,2 cm.

Try to make it simple! You do not need to add a lot of stuff here.
Add label logos, copyright, other images, etc. if needed.

This is what your final A4 should look like:

You MUST print a test page!
Cut the images on the lines (use cutter knife and ruler), fold the edges of the Inlay on the dashed line, and try how both papers fit inside the tray.

Be careful: Scale must be 100% when you print. If everything is ok, print as many copies as you need.


We suggest to print your disc rozettes in a printing company.

Tip! If you want something minimal, you can leave the rosette blanc (use white discs) or use a marker and write/draw on them anything you like.