Ready for publishing? This is how to send your new music to Spotify playlist editors.

First of all, your music must be unreleased. You must use a distributor (Cd baby, Distrokid, etc) that allows you to select a release date at least a week in the future. This is the only way to make sure that your release is delivered to Spotify early enough, for the list editors to pitch it.

To do it, you must have a “Spotify for Artists” account (this is how to create yours).

Log in to your “Spotify for Artists” account in your web browser.*

You can either:
At the top of the Home tab, select PITCH A SONG.
Choose a song and fill out the info.

In the Music tab, under UPCOMING, select PITCH A SONG next to the relevant release.
Choose a song and fill out the info.

According to Spotify, the more info you provide, the better chance your music has, since editors will be searching for new music based on this data.

You can make changes or updates to your song pitch right up to release day. But there’s no guarantee an editor will see your changes.

You can pitch one song per artist profile at a time.
You can’t pitch compilations.
You can’t pitch if you’re a featured artist on the song.
If a song gets on a Spotify playlist, you will be informed by e-mail.
Once your album or single has been approved for release, your music needs some days (about one week in most cases, depending on your distributor) for new delivery activation.

Good luck with your submissions!

(*this procedure will not work in the mobile app).