Just finished mastering your tracks?
Here are 6 reasons why you should get a great looking, professional artwork for your project:



It can help your music reach more ears. Your album’s first impression is central to its success. Artwork is the face of the album and it should make an emotional connection with fans and new listeners.



Album artwork is now mostly reduced to a small thumbnail that accompanies music. You must catch the viewer’s eye in mere seconds as they’re scrolling or clicking.



Your cover has to stand out next to memes, family photos, dog videos, and everything else on crowded timelines. So, it should be really strong and exciting.



Cover art can also act as a starting point for merchandise and other visual mediums. A great looking cover can make, for example, a great t-shirt which many of your fans would like to buy.



Your music will be spread along with the artwork.



Some listeners may judge by the cover, and if they are unimpressed they may put the release back on the shelf.


In just a few words:
Images can be powerful. They can attract attention, create emotions and generate conversation.


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