Spotify moving visual (or Spotify Canvas) allows artists to add fullscreen, 3-8 second, vertical moving visuals to their tracks. These videos loop in the Now Playing view (album view) of the Spotify app on Android and iOS.

This new feature gives your music the power to move. It is a way to share more of who you are with your listeners and to create new content that is not on your music videos, or anywhere else (social media, etc). Spotify canvas can be an extension of your art!

It is an entirely effective method of communication. “Adding a high-quality Canvas to a track has increased streams by up to 120% and saves by up to 114%, in addition to lifts in artist profile visits and shares”, says Spotify.

Some samples of our beautifully animated artworks.

You can share your Canvas artwork directly to Instagram Stories, right from your Spotify for Artists app. Your Canvas will loop in the background of the Story – along with track details and a link back for fans to “Play on Spotify”.

Unlike the art printed on the cover of a physical album, you are free to change your Canvas over time! You can also add a Canvas to upcoming releases.

The team of can design for you this short moving visual (2D graphic), based on the artwork you buy from our website, or the album artwork you already have, within 2 working days.

Click here to see some examples and find out how we can do it for you.

Click here to visit our Spotify Canvas Artwork Gallery with Ready to Use animated Canvases!